Global Environmental Politics

Master's Degree Programs in Global Environmental Policy and in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development


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The academic experience in the Global Environmental Politics (GEP) program goes beyond just classes.

Leading professors from around the world, representatives from major environmental nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government officials frequently visit SIS.  More often than not, the GEP program is able to arrange a time for relevant speakers to meet with GEP students and faculty in a more casual or small-scale setting.  Major events that have been recorded are available in the video library tab in the menu.

The following are broad categories of events that our students have access to:

GEP Events open to the public

GEP regularly sponsors major SIS lectures, panels, and talks that are open to the public.  Click here for a list of these events.

Small GEP only events

The GEP program hosts some events open to only our students (those in both Global Environmental Policy and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development).  These events are often small colloquiums with professors or distinguished guests. To get a better feel for what these types of events are, as well as to view GEP events open to the public, click here to view the GEP event listing page.

Open events from other SIS programs

Many SIS programs hold events of interest to our students that are open to the public or to students from all SIS programs.  These may be talks, lectures, seminars, or open-dialogue events.  Students receive a weekly email with a listing of such events.

School of International Service (SIS) events

SIS hosts many major talks and lectures.  Click here to view the SIS event homepage.