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NRSD ’15 Alum Makes Job Hunting in DC a Little Easier

Have you been looking for an online platform to help you with your green job search? Look no further! NRSD ’15 alum, Spencer Schecht, has created a Facebook group that frequently posts job opportunities in the DC area!

SpencerGreen Jobs DC is a Facebook group I started a few months ago after I realized that the a Facebook forum for environmental jobs in DC did not exist. From my experience as an NRSD alum, I knew there was a sizable cohort of people on the lookout for either a foot in the door to a green career or to jump into the field after working elsewhere. I personally knew people looking for specific work in the environmental realm and I often came across fitting positions. Instead of keeping track of everyone I knew looking for a new green role and the continuous influx of opportunities, I created the Facebook page.
Anyone with a Facebook profile can join (and I encourage them to!). Jobs located in the DC Metro Area are posted by me daily and group members are also sharing the opportunities that they come across. You can post questions about your job hunt and the community of over 750 individuals are quick to offer tips and sometimes offer their personal time to help.
Join the group today and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions! “We are all better off when we are all better off.”

Author: sisgep

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