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New Book: New Earth Politics

Simon Nicholson and Sikina Jinnah of the Global Environmental Politics Program are co-editors of the upcoming book, New Earth Politics: Essays from the Anthropocene. The book discusses human impact on the environment and planet and its implications. The book is available for preorder now from MIT press by clicking here and will begin shipping early this month. A number of Global Environmental Politics Program affiliated faculty contributed to the book including: 

  • Dr. Simon Nicholson
  • Sikina Jinnah
  • Wil Burns
  • Ken Conca
  • Judith Shapiro
  • Paul Wapner

The following excerpt of the book’s description is from MIT Press. You check check out the full description by clicking here.

Humanity’s collective impact on the Earth is vast. The rate and scale of human-driven environmental destruction is quickly outstripping our political and social capacities for managing it. We are in effect creating an Earth 2.0 on which the human signature is everywhere, a “new earth” in desperate need of humane and insightful guidance. In this volume, prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of global environmental politics consider the ecological and political realities of life on the new earth, and probe the field’s deepest and most enduring questions at a time of increasing environmental stress. Arranged in complementary pairs, the essays in this volume include reflections on environmental pedagogy, analysis of new geopolitical realities, reflections on the power of social movements and international institutions, and calls for more compelling narratives to promote environmental action.

Author: sisgep

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