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Final Round: Events on Campus

What has been your favorite event to attend this semester?

Colton Fagundes: There have been so many events on campus this semester it is hard to choose a favorite one, but one of the best was definitely when Bill McKibben came to speak. His writings and work have played a large role in influencing me to undertake a career in the environment, and he was a truly inspirational speaker. It may sound strange, but being able to see him speak at my own university made me feel like I was on the right path in my life and career.

Cameron Noel: The Council on Foreign Relations’ Panel on Climate Change was wonderful. The CFR offers free panel discussions on a wide-array of topics as part of its ‘back-to-school’ events. This discussion about the COP21 in Paris gave a deep, multi-faceted overview of the momentum leading to Paris. Luckily, in Washington, there are many of these kinds of events. It’s hard to choose!

Lucas Feldman: I highly enjoyed attending the talks of Jeff Goodell (Rolling Stone author who interviewed President Obama about climate change), Bill McKibben, and David Morrow. Jeff Goodell’s was arguably most memorable though, from talking about seeing a coal mine for the first time and realizing where his energy came from to his assertion that the Maldives could deploy a climate engineering program to save itself from being swallowed by rising seas.

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