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Round 5: Classes

Tell us a little bit about your classes: Do you have a favorite subject? A memorable activity/moment in class?

Jenny Mleczko: These classes have finally allowed me to dive into the topics that I am most interested in. Probably my most memorable moment was getting to write a paper for my Political Ecology class with Professor Graddy-Lovelace on an issue that I had struggled with getting a grip on initially. I never thought I would grow so much in opinion and knowledge through one paper. Now I’m working on to hopefully get this paper past my professor and into a journal.

Ethan McKown: My favorite class has been water governance with Ken Conca. He’s an absolute genius, and I’ve been very privileged to work with him

Leslie Kinnas: One of the most memorable activities I have done so far was in my Global Climate Change class with Professor Sikina Jinnah, where we did a mock COP21 simulation. Each student represented a country and for several weeks we met in small and large groups to negotiate and ultimately try to come to an agreement regarding the future of our planet. Professor Judy Shapiro’s Environment and Politics class has been wonderful as well! As an assignment, we had to submit a Letter to the Editor to any news outlet about any topic. This was something I had never done before and I’m glad I did it!

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