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Round 4: The Perks of Living in DC

In your opinion, what are some of the advantages of living in DC? 

Meagan Rathjen: For me, the advantage of living in DC is that it is the epicenter of all things politics and development.  I have had the opportunity to work at an international NGO, sit in on meetings at the UN (since New York isn’t far from DC!) and the World Bank, and attend House and Senate hearings.

Ethan McKown: The biggest advantage is definitely the network at your disposal. Your professors are all very well connected and you have excellent opportunities essentially handed to you at times.

Cameron Noel: Washington is where you want to be. It is truly astounding that there is so much opportunity to grow as a young professional in this city. Whatever your field of interest, it is well-represented in Washington. Washington also offers other opportunities. As global hub for politics, policy, government, non-profits, and the private-sector, you will certainly have plenty of opportunity to expand your networks and grow.

Jenny Mleczko: Access to opportunities. Not only do you have Capitol Hill, but you have so many other governmental and NGOs headquartered in DC. With the distinguished professors in residence at SIS, it is not hard to find a great opportunities to gain experience outside of class that are not too far from your doorstep.

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