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Round 3: Costa Rica!

NRSD Students: What are you most excited about Costa Rica?

Ethan McKown: I’m particularly excited to have the opportunity to live abroad for a year. Costa Rica is a fabulous place to be as a student in this field.

Elizabeth McWhinnie: I am most looking forward to exploring Latin America during the year in Costa Rica! It has been difficult to pin down all the places I want to visit!

Leslie Kinnas: I’m a newbie to Spanish, so I’m really excited to start using what I have learned so far this semester. I also grew up in cities my whole life, so I’m looking forward to living immersed in nature for the next two semesters!

Rouna A: I’ve never been to Central America before, therefore, I’m excited about everything in Costa Rica. I’m very keen to learn about the differences and similarities between Costa Rica and China, as both are developing countries. Specifically, I want to know how Costa Rica protects the environment through what environmental policies. Maybe some of these policies can be also applied in China.

Author: sisgep

The Global Environmental Politics program in the School of International Service at American University offers a unique, specialized, and world-leading graduate environmental studies education. We have two degree tracks: Global Environmental Policy (GEP), and our dual-degree Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRSD) option with the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Join us!

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