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Student Perspectives Round 2: Work outside of the classroom

Are you an intern or a research assistant this semester? What kind of work do you do?

Leslie Kinnas: I am a government relation’s intern at Ocean Conservancy. I’ve had the chance to attend several ocean related congressional hearings, help organize briefings for both House and Senate offices about ocean acidification, and even pull ideas together for a new coral related bill! I’ve met so many smart and amazing people during this internship who have made my first few months in DC a blast – lobbyists, project managers, creative communication directors, and incredible scientists! I am so glad that I had this opportunity because it made me realize that ocean related issues are my calling.

Colton Fagundes: I am a research assistant for Professor Garrett Grady-Lovelace focusing on food and agricultural policy. I work ten hours a week doing a variety of tasks such as: helping edit papers that will be submitted for publication in academic journals, completing literature reviews, compiling data to make charts and graphs, and managing a website. Overall, it has been a great experience, and as an aspiring future academic, I feel like I am gaining real practical skills.

Meagan Rathjen: With Publish What You Pay I am doing research to support legislation that calls for greater transparency in the extractive industry. This enables citizens to make informed decisions on if they want their natural resources extracted, and allows them to hold governments and companies accountable for revenue sharing. I am also a virtual student Foreign Service intern with the EPA. I am doing research on vegetation-based wetlands and stream restoration monitoring.

Lucas Feldman: I’m currently a research assistant for Professor Nicholson with the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment. My assignments are almost exclusively to do with climate engineering, a field I was previously completely ignorant of, but have since discovered a great fascination with. My favorite aspect of the job is proofreading Professor Nicholson’s papers before they are put in print. He publishes an enormous amount of work, and I greatly enjoy contributing to that effort.

Jenny Mleczko: I’m currently interning at the Department of Commerce in the International Trade Administration’s Office of Energy and Environmental Industries. I’m an environmental technologies trade intern, but I have been able to work on a number of portfolios- including civil nuclear and renewable energy. I get to help with a number of projects, but the main project I’m working on is a Top Market’s study for the environmental technologies industry

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