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Take a peek at what our students have to say about their first semester!

This week, keep a look out for several posts asking our first year students some questions about their first semester at AU and in DC! So, to kickstart this series…

What has been your favorite part about AU/SIS thus far?

Cameron Noel: The flexibility, academic rigor, and deep sense of community. All of these contribute to a perfect atmosphere to stretch your professional and academic experiences. The program is incredibly flexible — you can specialize in any region, or topic you fancy. SIS offers an unparalleled diversity of academics. Regardless what you choose to study, you will receive a world-class education. And lastly, the sense of community at SIS is so refreshing given comparable schools. You can easily see that ‘service’ is a foundation piece of the ethos of the school. Your classmates will be as engaged and as passionate as you!

Jenny Mleczko: The community! I’ve never been so close to my professors, and have gotten so close, so quickly with the students. From the start you begin to realize how many of your professors are distinguished in their field, giving you access to a number of great opportunities.

Ethan McKown: My favorite part has been the enthusiasm of my professors and the dedication of my faculty to ensure my success.

Elizabeth McWhinnie: So far my favorite part of AU and GEP/NRSD is the amazing community we get to interact with everyday. From influential and involved professors and faculty to intelligent and friendly peers, this is a great place to broaden your horizons and push yourself to achieve your full potential.

Rouna A: SIS is very international. Students are from different parts of the world, while sharing common interests in various global affairs. Communicating with these students indeed broadens my horizon. More importantly, professors are amazing! What they taught can inspire your thoughts and lead your way to dig deeper into a specific field of global affairs.

Lucas Feldman: My favorite part of AU, by far, is the availability of the professors. I genuinely feel that they care about me, my performance in classes, and my work in my research assistantship. This far exceeded my expectations, has bolstered my studies, and helped me transition to life in DC.


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The Global Environmental Politics program in the School of International Service at American University offers a unique, specialized, and world-leading graduate environmental studies education. We have two degree tracks: Global Environmental Policy (GEP), and our dual-degree Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRSD) option with the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Join us!

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