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The cover of Global Environmental Politics: From Person To Planet, edited by Simon Nicholson and Paul Wapner

Dr. Simon Nicholson & Dr. Paul Wapner’s book reviewed in Global Governance

Two GEP professors, Dr. Simon Nicholson and Dr. Paul Wapner, have received a positive book review (subscription required) in the academic journal Global Governance. Their book, Global Environmental Politics: From Person to Planet, “is an anthology of classic and soon-to-be classic environmental readings” (p. 183).  The review notes that “the book’s success comes from more than the layout of a number of interesting essays. The organization of the book succeeds based on how the various sections build on each other in an unlikely manner. The book creates an atypical walk through familiar readings and links one to another in an insightful way, enabling students to gain more than the sum of the parts” (p. 184).

Of particular note from the review is that Global Environmental Politics is hailed as “a complement to the timeless reader for environmental politics, Green Planet Blues [Critical Perspectives on Global Environmental Politics] by Ken Conca and Geoff Dabelko” (p. 183). Dr. Ken Conca is also a professor in the GEP program.

Book Review Citation:
[Review of the book Global environmental politics: From person to planet, edited by S. Nicholson and P. Wapner] (2015) Book reviews. Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations, 21(1), 183-184.

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