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Praise for GEP Professor Sikina Jinnah’s new book

D10_176_384Assistant Professor Sikina Jinnah’s new book, “Post-treaty Politics,” has just received a very favorable review in Review of International Organizations.  Hylke Dijkstra of  Maastricht University writes:

“Post-Treaty Politics by Sikina Jinnah is a wonderful new monograph about the nitty-gritty details of everyday life in global governance. It advances the research agenda on international regimes by investigating how treaty secretariats contribute to regime overlap management….Jinnah meticulously lays out her theory, operationalizes the concepts, and examines the cases on the basis of her operationalization. Theory and empirics are combined in an exemplary fashion with the conclusion bringing all the results together. It is difficult to fault the research design or how it is carried out. And as noted above, the empirical cases provide wonderful day-to-day details of what global environmental governance is all about. The book is therefore certainly a must-read for the environmental crowd and scholars interested in how global governance works in practice.”

Congrats Professor Jinnah!

Author: sisgep

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