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Practicum Highlight: US Farm Bill– Agricultural Policy for (Inter) National Social and Ecological Resilience


Faculty leader: Adam Diamond

Partner organizations: Rural Coalition and National Family Farm Coalition
Student Members: Emmalee Aman, Arielle Conti, Kelley Cressman, Forrest McGraw, Anna Meyer, Jamie Pratt, Alyssa Viars, and Jessica Walton

The US Farm Bill plays a crucial role in national and international food sovereignty, spanning a wide range of areas including nutrition, crop insurance, commodities and conservation. It is critical to our lands, our bodies, and our communities. Policies can encourage the production of local, sustainable, culturally important foods and promote environmental conservation.  However, the potential for these benefits is limited by funding as well as legislation that influences crop diversity, research and development, the use of genetically modified organisms, and resources available to small farmers.  Working with the Rural Coalition and the National Family Farm Coalition, this practicum investigates the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its impact on democratic voice, a comparative analysis of domestic and Canadian dairy policy reforms, communal land and grazing rights for Indo-Hispanic ranchers in the American Southwest, preservation of traditional agriculture and seed sovereignty on the Native American Hopi Reservation, and resources available to aid conventional and beginner farmers in the United States in their transition to agroecological practices.  The goal of this practicum is to tell the story of key stakeholders in our food and agriculture systems, to put a face to the farmers, and to inform efforts to create a just and sustainable food system within and beyond the borders of the United States.

The video found here title “Thoughts of a Hopi Farmer” is one of many deliverables this practicum produced. To learn more please visit the Farm Bill Fairness Website.


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